WhereOnTheMap 1.1

In the latest WhereOnTheMap 1.1 version, we decided to meet the request of many users, and add some new features to our application:

  • ability to log in without Facebook account
  • the ability to create groups, eg. family or friends, whose location we can watch in the app
  • the ability to create a group in the company (Fleet)
  • the ability to create events - For example event "meeting at a concert" or "manifestation" and we can see the number of participants and their location on the map
  • fixed display the users in different languages
  • improved side menu
  • fast start after the first login and displaying your location on the map
  • improved turning off the application when failed to login or first login was interrupted
  • banned persons are visible on the list with red mark
  • fixed message "turn on location" when was unnecessary


Soon, in our application:

 1. For businesses we launch a feature showing where outside workers are, and  their entire route of the day. When using the program for business, you must register every person on our website (you do not need to use Facebook for this purpose).

 2. We will add the ability to SOS notifications (SMS or telephone along with a message of geographical location). This feature will also be able to remotely turn on the camera and microphone.

 3. Speed monitoring, informing the parent about the child's excessive speeding.

 4. Patients' health monitoring.