"Where on the map" - a must-have app.

Do you want to see Whereonthemap are your friends? - Log in with your Facebook account, create your own group or make ivent and invite your friends to use the application. Prepared features make it easier for you to set meetings, trips and sport - the limit for using this app is only your imagination, and you don't lack it, do you?

Schedule a meeting - you'll see on the map the location of all the invited guests. You no longer need to call and ask "where are you?" and "when you gonna come, the dinner is getting cold?".

Joint trip? - Check the location of all the cars, the distance between friends and the distance from the target.

Where is my child? - Stop asking yourself this question, just install the application and check if it arrived safely to school or it is already close to the house when returning from a school trip, or safely playing with friends.

Riding a bike, jogging, or gliding? - Show to others your daily struggles, every kilometer and calories burned - with one click you share your achievements on Facebook.

For companies, we have prepared a package of Fleet and Suppliers, which allows the location of company cars and workers.

Whereonthemap? Just install and see it for yourself. The possibilities are endless .... You just have to know how to use them for your own purposes.


Show friends



Download the app to your
Android device.
Log in with your Facebook
account and recommend it
to friends to use the program.


Select the friends you want
to watch on the map.
You will know their current
location and recently traveled


Log in to your account on www.whereonthemap.com with facebook
and in menu "For you" select Show friends to watch their current
location and all the routes on different days and hours of the month.